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Scribus was originally developed for Linux, and is now a major publishing tool. After becoming a huge hit among users, the latest version is out for Windows and Mac. It's completely free and open source which means that anyone can access Scribus to work on all kinds of documents. Using it for professional projects is easy thanks to its GPL license and the fact that it's already perfectly adapted to international digital printing standards.

All the necessary tools for creating layouts and professional digital publications are included along with a wide array of functions that are just as impressive as other paid-for programs like Freehand and QuarkXpress. Support is provided for all professional functions like CMYK colors, import/exporting PDF and EPS files, separations, ICC color admin, vectorial drawing tools, OpenType fonts from levels 1, 2, 3 and a ton more.

By default, a number of templates already come with Scribus allowing you learn to use the program step-by-step. Although there is a fairly steep learning curve, that doesn't mean it's not accessible to users who are new to this kind of software. Scribus was designed to provide a sleek and simple interface, and is available in several different languages.

By Erika Okumura
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